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Posted by on Sep 19, 2015 in Blog, Identity |

Personal Logo Research

Personal Logo Research

With the new semester starting here at BYU-Idaho, I get to start new projects, and expand different skill sets. This project is to create a set of three personal identifying logos. This is a project I have done through classes in the past, and I am excited to see what new ideas I can come up with, and how I can improve on what I have already created.


In researching different personal logos that already exist, and trying to decide what I want my style to be, I really liked this logo from Scott Miller. To see more of his work, check out his Behance site here. I like the shape of the letters. They are crisp and professional, but at the same time, they aren’t so stiff that they have no personality. It has a playful feel to it, while still being very professional. Looking at this logo, I would assume Scott Miller would be a fun guy to be around, but also takes his work seriously.

Scott Miller Logo2

I explored a wide variety of logos, with lots of different styles, gathering them on my Pinterest board that can be located here. Each is unique in its own way, and each has its own personality. Some are super professional and uptight using a serif font that is very clean cut. Others express more of a cute personality using a light, script thought. Just like every individual is different, each logo has its own personality and expresses it in its own way.


To create my own logo, I needed to understand not only what I wanted to present myself as, but how others saw me as well. I did a short survey on Facebook, asking “What do you think of when you hear Liesl Harr? :)” I got a variety of answers, bringing back lots of good memories with friends. Some of the characteristic answers given include: kind, thoughtful, compassionate, beautiful inside and out, artist, friend, Christ-like, Missionary, sweet, humble, thoughtful, generous, smart, intelligent, observant, always smiling, caring, happy, pleasant, loving, friendly, homemaker, inner beauty, selfless, and loyal. It’s always good to hear what others think of you, and it was nice to get some positive reinforcement. This provides a great place to start and helps define the personality that my logo should have.


Always important in design is defining the target audience. The people who will look at my logo cover a wide variety of people. My main audience would cater to those looking for a web designer. This could be creative directors of a design agency, or business who want a revamp and don’t want to pay the agency cost, but hire a free-lancer to do some work. At the same time, I also will be doing other activities, such a teaching piano, which will bring a whole new audience to the table. Overall, I want my logo to have a feel of professionalism, but also portraying a fun personality, being very personable as opposed to intimidating.


My timeline for this project will go as follows:

Sept 21 (Mon) – Sketch 30 logos

Sept 22 (Tue) – Get feedback on sketches – Refine and simplify sketches

Sept 23 (Wed) – Choose colors, fonts, etc

Sept 25 (Fri) – Vectorize all three logos

Sept 26 (Sat) – Clean up and revise vector graphics

Sept 28 (Mon) – All three logos finished for review and refinement

Sept 29 (Tue) – Present Identity Project