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Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Bannack Trip, Blog, Photography |

Macro Abstract

Macro Abstract

Abstract TextureCombination of the following images:

Rock and Moss Texture; 5/24/12, 5:18:43 PM; Bannack Ghost Town; f/10.0; 1/60; NIKON D5100;

Rusty Wheel; 5/24/12, 12:18:38 PM; Bannack Ghost Town; f/6.3; 1/60; NIKON D5100;

Also at Bannack Ghost Town, I took these pictures. I took the rock picture at the old mill, I thought it was cool, but didn’t think it would turn out as cool as it turned out, I was really happy. The wheel was leaning up against a wall, and it was one of my reverse shallow depth pictures that I used for something else. I liked the way that these two pictures combined. The moss on the rock gave the wheel more rust spots, and the rock texture made the metal look different.

I edited by overlaying the rock texture, zoomed way in on the bottom. then I took out the line on the bottom of the wheel, and played with colors.