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Posted by on Oct 24, 2015 in Blog, Infographic |

Infographic Week 4

Infographic Week 4

This week has been crazy! I’m not really sure where it went, and although I feel like I have been doing a lot of work, I don’t have much to show for it. I worked on digitizing my outlines and trying to decide where information is going to be placed. I got the background texture, and a few graphics. I had a lot more done that I was really excited about, but twice my computer has crashed as I have tried to save my files, and I have lost all my work. Not very fun, but life goes on.

So this is where I am at so far! I have a lot to do before taking a final rough draft to class on Tuesday, but I can do it (If my computer holds up:))


I’m getting closer, and I’m excited about how different parts have come together!

Here is my updated timeline going out from here:


  • Oct. 26 (Tues)– refined draft to present to the class for critique and review
  • Oct. 28 (Wed)– continue to refine and implement critiques received in class.
  • Oct. 29 (Thurs) Finish infographic
  • Oct 30 (Fri) Present infographic