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Posted by on Oct 17, 2015 in Blog, Infographic |

Infographic Week 3

Infographic Week 3

It’s been another crazy week. One of these days I am going to figure out how time works, and how it always seems to fly by, but last forever at the same time. But on a different note, I got some good work done for my infographic of facts about Charleston Dancing. I’m still having a little bit of a hard time visualizing how I want this to look, but I have done some good research, and concept sketches. These aren’t the highest quality, but help to get the idea out on paper.

In class this week we had a brainstorming session, and it was awesome. We started in small groups where we took 5 minutes and wrote down every word we could think of that could relate to our topic. Sometimes it was harder than others based on our knowledge of each others topics, but I think it was good to get another perspective on Charleston Dancing. Here is a copy of my list:


After word mapping, we got another sheet of paper, and passed that with our word maps around the class, and about 10 students had 1 minute to draw their ideas based on the word list we gave them. I think I got some good ideas from that as well, here is a picture of that page:

IMG_20151014_115834796 copy

I’m excited to see where this goes. Like I mentioned earlier, since then I have done a handful of sketches, mostly outlines of how I want it set up. I tried to incorporate lots of different ideas but I think I still have a ways to go. Here are some of those sketches:





Still a lot of work to do, but I think it is going to turn out just fine. Here is m updated timeline for the rest of the project!
Oct. 19 (Mon)– Vectorize design
Oct. 21 (Wed)– Add Color
Oct. 24 (Sat)– Clean up and revise vector graphics
Oct. 26 (Mon)– Project finished for review and refinement
Oct. 28 (Wed)– Present Infographic