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Posted by on Sep 27, 2015 in Blog, Identity |

Identity Project Week 2

Identity Project Week 2

This week was a blur. I’m not quite sure where it went, but I do think I got some good ideas for my project. After I did some more research, I starting thinking of what I wanted my personal brand to look like, and what context I was going to use it for. I have a few different directions I can go, and so having to create 3 different logos for my project gives me the opportunity to create a brand for myself in a couple of different situations.

My main focus in school centers around Web Design. I do a good amount of graphic design and coding, learning the ins and outs of the web. With that being said, One of my big audiences will be potential bosses. This could be with advertising agencies, businesses that want to cut out the middle man, or others I would network with that might refer me to their friends. Another audience would be potential piano students, which creates a whole new dynamic.

With that in mind, I started sketching. These are a few the ideas I came up with.

Sketches Music-sketches

I then played around on Illustrator seeing what I could do with them. They still need a lot of work, and like is often the case, I am still playing around with the fonts, but here is what I have.



There is still a lot of work to do on them, and I have to decide what my third logo will be, but it’s a good start. My timeline from here on out will go as follows:

Sept 28 (Mon) – All three logos finished for review and refinement

Sept 29 (Tue) – Finish and edits and Present Identity Project