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Posted by on Jan 9, 2016 in Blog, Information Design | 3 comments

How To Make Paper Airplanes

How To Make Paper Airplanes

I get to work on a new project! I think its going to be fun. For this poster, I’m making a How To infographic on making paper airplanes without using words. It’s for my Information design class, which comes with requirements of posting my process book as images. I’m excited to see where it goes. It’s already come with lots of paper airplanes being flown around my apartment, creating some fun.

Paper Airplanes Process Book

Paper Airplanes Process Book2

Paper Airplanes Process Book3

Paper Airplanes Process Book4

Paper Airplanes Process Book5

Paper Airplanes Process Book7

Paper Airplanes Process Book8

Paper Airplanes Process Book9

Paper Airplanes Process Book10

Paper Airplanes Process Book11

Paper Airplanes Process Book12

Paper Airplanes Process Book13

Paper Airplanes Process Book14


  1. Hi Liesl,
    I love your choice of topic for your poster. Of the two designs, the first one is my favorite. It’s clear and fresh and simple, which works really well. I don’t have a lot of feedback except that maybe there is too much white space at the top… it’s too bad we can’t use titles because it would fit there nicely. If I were making the paper plane I think I could follow the directions easily. Well done!

  2. YES! I love the creating things out of paper ideas! And I’m totally trying to create this paper airplane right now, you have done a great job showing the steps. I definitely like your first poster, it is very easy to see what you are showing me. I am not sure what to do between steps 5 and 6 as the view changes, I am also horrible with directions but maybe you can show an addition step or the same step using step 5’s angle.

  3. Your process book is really strong. I like how the dividing pages go with the theme of paper airplanes. I think that your stronger draft is the first. I like the simplicity of it. I think the clouds in the background of the second might look too busy. Back to the first, I think it would benefit you to add numbers. I would consider making the numbers really bold, so the design is a little more exciting. Overall, nice job! I think your illustrations look great!