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Posted by on Jan 18, 2016 in Blog, Information Design | 2 comments

How to Make a Paper Airplane Week 2

How to Make a Paper Airplane Week 2

This week went way to fast! I’m not exactly sure where it went, but such is life:) The project this week was actually pretty fun, we got to see if our projects were working with people who don’t know what we were doing. It was interesting to see different people’s reactions. Some didn’t seem to have any problem following the directions, and others really struggled. Most had a difficult time knowing which way to fold step 5 and 6, so I am still working on it. The problem is, as soon as I told them, they said it made perfect sense and didn’t know how to make it more clear…. So I guess we will see what happens with it!

Anyway, here are my user tests and the process book for this week.


Paper Airplanes Process Book

Paper Airplanes Process Book2

Paper Airplanes Process Book3

Paper Airplanes Process Book4




  1. I think what makes this design so great is two things: the simplicity, and the contrasting colors. I am glad you had the sides of the paper different colors, so it was easier to understand. I think you’ve completed an extremely easy how to poster that anybody could understand and follow.

  2. I think Variation 3 is my favorite, but variation 1 is a close second. I like the idea of clouds but this gradient is subtle and nice for the background. The color scheme is happy and nice, and the steps are clear. I like the ordered numbers but I think they’re unnecessary. This is well done!