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Posted by on May 7, 2012 in Blog, Photo Posts, Photography | 3 comments

Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna

Purple Flowers; 5/5/12, 4:59:08 PM; Rexburg, Id; f/6.3; 1/125; NIKON D5100

Squirrel; 5/5/12, 5:03:40 PM; Rexburg, Id; f/11; 1/100; NIKON D5100

Single Lilac; 5/5/12, 4:15:22 PM; Rexburg, Id; f/6.3; 1/50; NIKON D5100

Close-Up; 5/5/12, 4:48:16 PM; Rexburg, Id; f/6.3; 1/160; NIKON D5100

Closed Flowers; 5/5/12, 4:15:03 PM; Rexburg, Id; f/6.3; 1/200; NIKON D5100

Flapping Duck; 5/5/12, 4:27:46 PM; Rexburg, Id; f/14; 1/125; NIKON D5100

These pictures were harder than I thought they would be. They have all been edited with levels and other adjustments including sharpness and saturation layers. Rexburg weather has not been the best, and I kept waiting for it to get sunny so I could take some lighter pictures, but they almost all came out gray. The Lilac bush is in the parking lot of Allen’s Sunrise, and another one (the Close-Up) was taken by an elementary school. When I was at the elementary school, it was really windy, and so I didn’t get as good of focus as I would have liked, but I think they turned out ok. There are two pictures that use layer mask with the levels layer, that is the Squirrel where it is masked out around the squirrel to bring him out, and the other is on the closed flowers where the mask is around the flower to make that pop.


  1. Hello Leisl… I love your closeup on the lilacs. If you want to get more shots with color, and not so gray, then you can increase the sats and sharpness in your camera. I often turn up my sharpnness about 5 marks, and my sats 2 marks, when I am shooting landscapes. Then it takes less editing. Please remind me (or Dustin) to show the class how to do this today. You did some nice edits this week. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Leisl, I love your flora shots! Even though Rexburg can be kind of bland at times, I think you really showed how beautiful the spring time is! I also love the movement in the duck photo, the blur definitely helps tell the story. I bet a close up would have been awesome too. 🙂 Love your photos!

  3. I think your hard work at editing paid off. Your adjustments give your photos some crispness that really adds to the images. I really like the water texture on the “Flapping Duck” and the interesting position you caught the duck in. I also enjoy the squirrel on the wire over the green background. It makes me think of seeing black squirrels in the very green Hannibal, MO. That may sound odd, but its actually a very fond memory 🙂 . The adjustments you made on the lilac photos really enhance the colors and texture of the flowers. Great job!