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Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in Featured |

Final Mapping and Lego Charts

Final Mapping and Lego Charts

This week was crazy! I feel like I was a zombie for the whole thing. I don’t know why things get so mixed up all the time. But I get my second Information Design project finished. it was a three-part project featuring a colored and black and white data map, as well as some sort of physical representation of parts of the data. I also started some chart drafts for the next project. I was supposed to get two drafts done, but I only got one, trying to brainstorm some better ideas for data to represent. Anyway, Enjoy!

Mapping Project

You can see my Process Book Here.

all together

Final Version-01

Final Version-02


Physical Data

Lego Charts:

Chart Drafts Chart Drafts2 Chart Drafts3 Chart Drafts4 Chart Drafts5