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Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Blog, Featured, Identity, Logos, Portfolio |

Final Identity Project

Final Identity Project

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my finished project. After receiving the assignment to create three separate logos that would serve as personal identifiers, I jumped right in to see what I could create. This is a project that seems to come up more often than not, and sometimes I feel that I have tried all the combinations I can with my own name. However, in this project I think I have succeeded in finding three more.

Each logo has its own style, and its own story. I started with some research on other logos, how people represent themselves, and what I thought I wanted my style to look like. You can find a link to my Pinterest board here.


I found a few that I liked and wanted to try out, and then I started sketching. At first I was running into a lot of dead ends. I was bouncing back and forth between doing my whole name – Liesl Harr – just my first name, or incorporating other aspects into the title as well -for example, Liesl’s Designs. I came out with a few that I liked, and lots that I didn’t. However, that is the joy of sketching, you get to just keep trying as long as you want. These were a few of my initial sketches:


After this point in sketching, I wanted to go with “Liesl’s Designs”, but I wasn’t able to make any of those original options work in the long run. For one of my options, I wanted to try and do something focused on music. So the next sketches I did were centered on that theme.


Digital Variations

After these, I started vectorizing and narrowing down my options towards the final. My first round of digital logos was really rough. I didn’t focus on color or anything yet, just tried to see if I could turn my sketches into something that slightly resembled a logo mark.


I really liked the first two, but they needed something more. So I kept trying, really just playing around to see what else would come up. My next set of variations were getting closer to what I wanted the end product to look like.


At this stage, I was looking more into color, and getting more refined on the form. I hadn’t decided on a third direction yet, but was getting pretty close on two of my final logos.

Final Logos



After more tweaking and exploring, these are the logos I came up with to finish my project.

Logo #1


My first logo comes from combining my initials together to create my name. Because my initials are and L and H, I was having a hard time combining them without it creating a box or to many sharp edges. I wanted to do something focused to the Web Design world, showing clean, crisp typography, and yet a simple design that was mostly letters – combining design and coding.

Kind of on accident, as I was doodling in one of my classes I decided to lead my first name in, and have the mark in the middle of my name instead of above or to the side. I thought it worked well, and ran with it. I did come across some problems with the “h” making my first name look like “lies” instead of “liesl”, which would be an unfortunate mix up. To solve that problem, I separated where the h connects into the l a little farther, enough to create a separation with out it being disconnected.

Logo #2


My second logo’s purpose will be to combine with the Piano Teaching that I will eventually do. I want to teach kids, and so I created something that was colorful and playful, while still appearing professional. I want the kids I teach to find the joy of music, and develop a skill that can be useful their whole life, even if it’s not a career path they choose, piano playing is always a good skill to have.

I started with sketching for music (the second page of sketching above). I had a few different renditions of the piano, but I liked the simplicity of this design. At first when I was working on it, it was to stiff, not approachable at all. I also felt like it was rather bland looking. In my research, I had liked the logos that were thinner with a cursive feel, so I decided to try it with my graphic. I played around with the line style, width, and color, and I really like the way it turned out.

Just a rational here, almost every person I showed this logo to got that it was a piano, but would then say I should define it more, and possibly keep it black and white to portray the elegance of the piano. I took their opinions into consideration, but after playing around with other designs, or trying to edit this design, I decided that I liked the simplicity of the current design. I liked that it doesn’t tell the viewer everything about what it is, but it is there enough that they would get it initially. After all, no one questioned me about what it was at first.

Logo #3




Last we come to my final Logo. My audience for this logo can vary. I wanted a logo that I could use that would be easy to change names if needed, focusing the mark on my first initial. This logo will be used in settings like my photography, or times that I need a general logo. I love this color combination (the same one used on Logo #1). I like the soft blue that portrays peace, trust, is calming, and reliability. All attributes that I have or strive to have.

I had a difficult time with this mark, as I had what I wanted it to look like in my head, but I had a really hard time getting it out for everyone else to see. It still isn’t exactly what I wanted, but I think it is close.


Overall, I like the three concepts and where they are going. I fell in love with my first two logos, and will be using them in their respective areas of my life. I have yet to decide exactly how I will use the last logo, but I think it will be used at some point and time. I like the form of the logo, and how it fits together, and I hope to be able to find ways to use it.

I really liked this project because it pushed me to find ways to express myself that I haven’t come up with before. I loved getting to research and really define for myself who I was, and to see who others think I am. I look forward to learning more as I continue down this path we call life.