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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Blog, Edit Posts, Photography |

Camera Raw Edits

Camera Raw Edits


Windy road; 5/12/12, 7:53:35 AM;  Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, Id; f/8.0; 1/250; NIKON D5100

I took this picture on my way to take pictures at Mesa Falls. I got one of my roommates to get up early and come with me, and we had a blast. I took a lot of pictures, and had a lot of good ones, but I am only going to post a few here. This was edited in Camera Raw, I added a little Saturation, and then played with the tone curves to bring out the color.

Upper Mesa Falls; 5/12/12, 10:30:06 AM;  Mesa Falls, Id; f/13.0; 1/200; NIKON D5100

This is Upper Mesa Falls, and it was so pretty. I hadn’t been there before, so I was really excited. Again, I edited it in Camera Raw, added some Temperature, and lowered the tint to even it out, then I played with the dark curve to add some contrast. The last thing I did was edit the edge of the railing on the far right side out with Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop.