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Liesl HarrI am currently a Senior studying Web Design at BYU-Idaho. I love to learn and to try new things. I returned in November 2014 from 18 months in the Mississippi Jackson LDS Mission. Having been exclusively homeschooled, I have ventured far off the normal education pathways, and participated in lots of unique activities that aren’t available to many people.

While my laptop accompanies me for hours and hours filled with homework, my current web programming job, and other personal projects, I do love to find the sunshine outside and enjoy a colorful pallet full of activities including major events such as Lotoja (road biking), Ragnar (running), and Triathlons.  I enjoy hiking in the red rocks of Utah’s Dixie, dancing of all kinds, horseback riding, team sports including basketball and volleyball, and any other exciting new adventures I can find.

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