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Posted by on Oct 3, 2015 in Blog, Infographic |

Infographic Part 1

Infographic Part 1

I love the look of infographics, and for my next project, we get to make one. There are lots of different types of info graphics, and lots of different options for topics, which can make it harder to choose just one.
I started with doing some research, I wanted to have my topic be swing dancing, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with that topic. So I went to Pinterest and looked at different types of infographics, and what kind of infographics for dancing was already out there. You can find my board here. My favorite pin was probably this one:

How to dance with 2 left feet

I like the topic it gives, and it is really clean and easy to read. Although it takes a subject that could be difficult, and have a lot of suggestions, it has enough information to be worth reading, but not so much as to turn you off. It incorporates different graphics, but is explained in a way that it doesn’t need a lot of graphics to get the point across.

For my infographic, as of right now, I want to do something outlining the basic steps for some type of dance (east coast, lindy, or Charleston), and my “hook” would be “what to do with your two left feet”, ” How to dance the _______”, “learning the _____”, or “Advancing from the 6th grade shuffle”.

My timeline for this project will go as follows:
Oct. 6 – Sketch layout and design
Oct. 10 – Vectorize design
Oct. 15 – Add Color
Oct. 18 – Clean up and revise vector graphics
Oct. 22 – Project finished for review and refinement
Oct. 28 – Present Infographic